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16/09/2010 15:25

Though few, Palau's HIV cases should be taken seriously

 KOROR (Maripet L. Poso, Palau Horizon) — Although the prevalence of Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in the country is low -- just three cases – Palau can learn from other countries’ approach in suppressing the disease. This was the focus of Japanese HIV Expert Dr. Shinichi Oka’s...
10/09/2010 05:51

Call for prudent water management in Fiji after drought meeting

RNZI - Fiji’s Meteorological Service is calling for prudent water management following a meeting to decide whether to declare the country in a state of drought. The manager of the Climate Services division says the planners at yesterday’s meeting agreed that the whole country is affected by...
10/09/2010 05:50

Human Activity May Have Boosted Palau Shellfish Size

(TH) Matthew McDermott- A new study in the Journal of Archaeological Science shows there are exceptions to the conventional eco-wisdom that increased human activity always spells harm for animals: Researchers from North Carolina State University have discovered that the size of one mollusk,...
10/09/2010 05:49

Ambae villagers in Vanuatu learn new ways to cope in disaster

(RNZI) People in two remote villages on the Vanuatu island of Ambae are learning new ways to survive disasters like cyclones and earthquakes. In the run-up to the cyclone season, Tagui and Lolovoli villagers are taking part in a pilot project run by the United Nations Development Programme and the...
01/09/2010 04:46

PAD Journalist wins UN Story Award

Selina Navuso, a Member of the Pacific Development Journalists Network won a United Naitons development journalist prize last week for a development story on Fiji. The MDG Story awards was judged by the heads of the United Nations Pacific Centre as well as the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.
01/09/2010 04:32

PAD members meet Wiseman

Members of PAD Journalists met with Manager of United Nations Pacific Centre Mr. Garry Wiseman last week in Fiji. The UN Manager encouraged the network to report on development issues in the Pacific and to encourage other Journalists to participate as well.
27/08/2010 01:12

PAD Journos Begin

PaD Journalists which stands for Pacific Development Journalists Network was established on the 27th of August by five Pacific Island journalists from Palau, Fiji, Samoa, Niue and Vanuatu. The Network is an avenue for Pacific journalists to discuss, publish and assist each other in the reporting of...
27/08/2010 01:11

Development Journalists meet

More than 15 development journalists met last week in Nabua Fiji to discuss development journalism and spicing up the issues in news stories. Organised by the United Nations Pacific the meeting saw presentations from UN Pacific Scientists on the Millenium Development Goals.


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